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Roots: The Definitive Compendium with more than 225 Recipes explores the exciting underworld of root vegetables. This go-to volume is both a comprehensive reference book and a cookbook of simple yet creative ways to prepare dozens of different root vegetables, the local ones and the global ones—from beets to malanga to potatoes to turmeric to wasabi. When you really dig into the book, you’ll find twenty-nine chapters, arranged alphabetically by vegetable. The building blocks that help you learn about and work with each root vegetable are presented at the beginning of each chapter. You will discover its history and lore, names and descriptions of some popular varieties, details on its nutritional value; tips on how to recognize what’s seasonally available and how to select the best; and information on storage to keep it fresh. In addition, I provide basic use and preparation techniques for each root, helping you appreciate the different ways it can be cooked and how to go about preparing it. And, beyond that, for each root there are recipes galore, showcasing the goodness and versatility of these subterranean beauties.