Rosy Rings - Spicy Apple 13 oz Botanical Diffuser


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SKU: 126-BRD-SAP UPC: 684548011577 LIFESPAN: AVERAGES 6-12 MONTHS DEPENDING ON VARYING CONDITIONS BOTANICALS: CANELA BERRIES, CINNAMON STICKS, FEATHER FERN, MINI ROSES ESSENTIALS: BALSAM, CASSIA, CINNAMON BARK, CINNAMON LEAF, CLOVE LEAF, EUCALYPTUS, NUTMEG FRAGRANCE NOTES: CARDAMOM, CINNAMON, CLOVE, MACINTOSH APPLE, NUTMEG, TONKA BEAN, VANILLA Juicy Macintosh apple and a spicy accord of cardamom, clove, nutmeg with lots and lots of cinnamon. Gorgeous packaging is the perfect complement to dramatic square bottles filled with real spices, fruit and botanicals. Every natural element you see inside the glass vessel is delicately placed there by hand. Lovingly packaged with a wooden cap + 10 reed sticks to fragrance your space without a flame.